Automatic Generation of Business Software

A powerful and integrated system to develop high quality business applications using the Design & Generate process

  • Increase your productivity: Generate more than 96% of software code automatically.
  • Double your development speed: Minimize Time To Market.
  • Lower the development costs with at least 30%: Maximize your ROI.
  • Reach nearly zero-failures target: Offer high quality applications to your customers.

Templates: Reuse the software architecture you need

SW-ProPlatform's built-in template framework makes it easy to implement code blocks and integration rules in different programming languages only one time, at the beginning of the project.

  • Java Business Framework: Reuse our professional J2EE 3-tier architecture templates and you save this step !
  • Unlimited flexibility: Implement the templates in your preferred programming language: C#, Objective C, Java, C++, XML, SQL, COBOL, Visual Basic, etc.
  • 100% coverage: Write templates for all the architectural layers and application components - model, view, controller, online help, documentation, test cases, business concepts,etc.

Model Driven Architecture: Focus on your business

SW-ProPlatform gives you the tools you need to concentrate your effort in building the business models and protect your investment from future technology changes.

  • MDA Repository: Build your most valuable asset - a centralized database with all your business models.
  • Declarative and graphical design: Get a rapid, flexible and complete control of business objects models and rules, workflows and batch processes, reports, charts and application prototypes without learning a new programming language.
  • Migration of legacy systems: Design data migration models and generate data import/export applications with one click.

Generation Engine: Achieve high productivity with one click

SW-ProPlatform's powerful generation engine makes it easy to develop your applications faster, using less resources and without errors.

  • Unmatched efficiency: Generate 96-98% of your application automatically, directly from business models and templates, without media discontinuities.
  • Maximum maintainability: Use the generation engine to produce software code as written by hand and preserve your manually developed code.
  • Greater transparency: Allow your users to actually see, interact, and give feedback on a production-ready system for immediate verification and correction of requirements.

JBF3: Minimize projects risks by using high quality templates

Java Business Framework 3 (JBF3)'s production ready templates make it easy to develop highly scalable enterprise applications using modern software architectures.

  • Java EE 3-tier architectures: Reuse already tested templates for all the software layers: clients, servers and databases. Over 600 templates are available.
  • High quality templates: Implement the best programming practices - service-oriented architecture, patterns, modularity, code reuse, very good documentation.
  • Standard functionalities: Include the basic capabilities of the framework - multi-tenancy, multi-user, multi-language, locking and logging mechanisms, users, roles and rights management, workflow and follow-up support, reporting, online help, messages management and display (errors, warnings, info), etc.

Design & Generate: Keep your software development agile

SW-ProPlatform's automatic software generation process helps you shorten the development time tremendously and involve a lot less programming effort.

  • Iterative development: Manage requirements and evolving solutions using a time-boxed iterative approach.
  • Rapid response to change: Resolve changing requirements quickly, even late in development.
  • Extremely agile: Increase customers satisfaction by rapid delivery of useful software at each increment.

Interactive Prototypes: Let business analysts shape the design

SW-ProPlatform's advanced prototyping tools help business analysts to specify the application graphical interface and flow without help from IT department.

  • Accurate design: Build your production ready screens layout and workflows using a declarative approach, without learning a programming language.
  • Automatic documentation: Keep the requirements specification always in sync with the application by generating the design documentation automatically.
  • 100% reuse: Send your prototype and requirements documentation to IT department for 100% reuse in the software development phase.

All of the above, plus amazing service & support

  • Consultative sales process

    If you're new to the SW-ProPlatform and have questions about it, we would be happy to demonstrate exactly how it works in detail. We'll show you how SW-ProPlatform can immediately improve your business software development.

    Talk to our specialists today.

  • Unlimited technical support

    SW-ProPlatform's support team is always ready to help you, whether you're a software developer or business analyst. We'll help you get setup, configure the platform for your particular needs, and provide resources to keep your software or prototypes generation process up and running. We're like your IT team.

  • World-class consulting

    Our team of world-class software developers can offer personalized help that takes your business applications development to the next level. We'll help you set up the generator, strengthen your development process, and improve your templates. We're here to turn you into a powerful, flexible and agile software factory.

    Maintenance and Support Services

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