User Involvement: Invite stakeholders to the process early

ProPlatform creates a true user experience where executives, business analysts, end users, UX professionals, designers and developers can actively engage with interactive prototypes.

  • Declarative and graphical design: Allow stakeholders to specify the application requirements and design, without the help of IT department
  • Timely access to stakeholders: Reduce dependence on inefficient and infrequent face-to-face meetings while optimizing results.
  • Efficient creative process: Use our collaborative platform to better manage and control the design process within large teams.

Requirements: Ensure requirements are complete & correct

ProPlatform gives you the tools you need to radically improve requirements specification through visualization.

  • High-fidelity interactive prototypes: Build and specify your production ready screens layout and workflows and use the prototypes to present and fully understand the business applications.
  • Complete and correct requirements: Validate or uncover new requirements and the development phase can move forward with reduced ambiguity, and true agreement between key stakeholders.
  • 100% Reuse: Send your prototype and requirements documentation to IT department for 100% reuse in the software development phase with SW-ProPlatform.

Realistic Schedules: Gain a clear scope of the software projects

ProPlatform's powerful prototyping capabilities make it easy to control the scope of the software projects to better estimate the development effort.

  • More accurate estimates: Illustrate requirements with high-fidelity prototypes for a correct evaluation of the development phase. Whether you're packaging a sprint, or scheduling large work units, ProPlatform will help you schedule the work more accurately.

Change Management: Prevent late-stage changes

Because ProPlatform allows for rapid, multiple, and even parallel iterations on prototypes, your team can be more innovative and creative before coding begins.

  • Scope creep control: Uncover big changes early in the prototyping phase and eliminate late-stage rework.
  • Automatic documentation: Keep the requirements documentation always in sync with the prototypes changes using the automatic generation feature.

Upfront testing: Test requirements prior to development

ProPlatform massively reduces rework by allowing baseline user-experience testing upfront.

  • Testing before coding: Uncover misunderstanding of incorrect or incomplete requirements by prototypes testing and eliminate the resulting rework, which can be complex, time consuming and costly.
  • Real data: Let business analysts enter and save real data for a more realistic business application prototype.

Agile Process: Work in iterative sprints

ProPlatform gives your team a lightweight, flexible and streamlined process to uncover more complete project requirements before a line of code is written.

  • Agile design process: Allow your team to explore more creative ideas to build optimal solutions and implement rapid prototype refinements without the headaches of reworking a final product.