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VBO-Services's mission is to transform the creative act of software development perceived as an art, in an industrial process characterized by standardization, automation, reuse, specialization and continuous improvement. VBO-Services software is the most powerful, tightly integrated and comprehensive automatic software generation system available, putting a new generation of software development tools and processes into the hands of any business. Many of Germany's most prominent corporations depend on enterprise applications developed with VBO-Services technology. VBO-Services was founded in 2005 by CEO Victor Bodnarescu and is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


Victor Bodnarescu,
CEO & Founder

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Address: Bockenheimer Landstraße 17-19, 60325 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49(0)69/70799762
Email: info@vbo-services.com

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Why VBO-Services?

VBO-Services offers software development tools that allow you to:

handshake Generate 96-98% of software code automatically.

handshake Develop 3 to 5 times faster with lower costs.

handshake Reach nearly zero-failures target.

handshake Produce high-fidelity prototypes.

handshake Generate the software application documentation automatically.

Through over 8-year experience in successful outsourcing engagements and delivering complex IT solutions to customers ranging from big enterprises to mid-sized and small business, VBO-Services has proved to be the appropriate strategic partner for companies seeking to have outsourced software, highly-qualified and certified engineers with in-depth domain expertise and technological know-how, and the guaranteed quality of service.

The key reasons why customers choose VBO-Services as the preferred strategic outsourcing partner are outlined below.

We Bring Our Clients Results

Our advanced automatic software generation tools provide an extremely agile environment for projects implementation, with the following benefits for our customers: high quality, early return-on-investment, decreased time-to-market, reduced development costs, total risks control, increased visibility and adaptability.

We Are Experts

Choosing VBO-Services as your preferred strategic outsourcing partner empowers you with the flexibility to bring on highly-skilled, experienced and knowledgeable IT experts to implement complex projects successfully.

We Are Multi-Faceted

We have separate departments for each of our services, from business analysis and optimization, prototype design, software development, to test and maintenance. Representatives from all of our departments work together to ensure the success of your project. More importantly, you don't have to hire multiple companies to get your project done. We can do it all.

We Want to Become Your Long-Term Partner

We do what we say and we say what we do. We have a proven track record of hitting deadlines, staying on budget, and having a pro-active approach to client relations. We build business relationships with our customers based on our common goal of long-term cooperation, growth and prosperity.

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VBO Services is making headlines with its technology and thought leadership in automatic software generation methods and tools. We are proud to have been recognized for our achievements.

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Individual software solutions for a financial services provider - CRM Solution at FORMAXX AG (only in German)

Customers we already serve

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Additional Information

In this section, you'll find a wide variety of resources that can help you make the right choices as you move your organization from where it is today to where it has to be tomorrow, using products and services provided by VBO-Services. Articles, white papers, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, presentations, news, links, downloads and more are grouped according to your role in the company.

C-Suite Executive / Manager Resources

C-level executives and managers maintain tight control over financial management and business performance; they are at the strategic heart of the organization and have a large stake in IT investment decisions to support continued growth.


Business Analyst / Designer Resources

The involvement of business analysts and designers in software projects can mean the difference between success and failure. They own the requirements processes and are responsible for communication and collaboration between the business and IT.


Software Developer / Architect Resources

The heart and soul of the software development process are the developer and architect roles. They are the workhorses of the whole system creating the code that the other roles only influence.


Customers we already serve

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